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Top 10 Things I Like

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1. Mr Haney

2. Field day


4. Caverns

5. Field and track


Week 33

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Hi i’m back to tell you my awesome week. I gone to a tour to West Valley. It was a long tour. :D Then had a play about pirates. It was a wonderful play everyone said. Then we gone a field trip to the caverns and I got a prize from Mr Haney. Then we did a party and had a great time. It was about the end of the year.  Thats my last week. I’ll try and do it next year too. see yay.

Week 32

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Hey i back.  This week was boring, but good. we had tcaps this whole week. it was easy. it was just reading, social studies, science, and mathematics. It was just four days. friday was just a fun day with hats and pj’s. it was a lot of tcaps by the way. It was somewhat the easyest tests those. Thats my week. Thanks for reading.

Week 31

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This week was awesome!!!!!!! It wasn’t much, but still fun. I did a lot of TCAP prep for next week. We buried the snake we found in the garden. Also planted carrots, beans, peas, cucumbers, and peppers. They will grow next year, so it’s not for us. Then thats what the whole class did. So that’s my week. Thanks for reading. Bye, see you next week. I almost forgot, the fact of the day! Here it is it takes a wet dog less than 3 seconds to shake half of the water out of it’s fur.

Week 30

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This week was a great week, still a little worried about TCAPs,but fine. We didn’t do a lot of things that I remember, but I’ll try my best. We had Thursday fun lunch, yyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Then for this weekend North Carolina For my aunts wedding. Then I was better on my TCAP quiz and got 51 points more (31 to 82), But then my teacher hugged me and keeps bragging about it.

Track Video

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1. track and field code

Week 29

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This week was… AWESOME. We have done a lot of things this week. The best thing ever that I got this week is a pencil mustache. We also had someones birthday tuesday, and it was… RACHIL’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then while that was happening we did track. I did sack race and got first. It was a lot of fun. Also we did soul singers. they only did four songs and they didn’t tell me what they were, but still awesome. Then we got our epals from france. They told me how they were doing and asked what I was doing. Thats it; thanks for reading.  IMG_3346

Week 28

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Wow, it was a awesome week. We did a lot of stuff, but I may not tell you it all. What we did first is that it was Dominic’s birthday party. Next we did Friday fun lunch with everyone in our class. Then we read a little bit of the Westing game. (the book).  Then we had a candy bingo and I got two pieces of candy. After that we found a snake in the garden and planted some blueberries in our garden. Then it got really boring with… TCAP prep, yaaaaaaa!!! For  Monday we had Fun-Day. Here let me tell you why. We are now doing a team thing and who ever gets the most medals we get a extra 30 mins. I didn’t win. The Haney Huffers won it all. Thats my week. Thanks for reading.

The Science Show!!!!!

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The Science Show!

By: Devin Batho



Have you ever noticed how many tools are used in science? Scientist use over hundreds of tools. So Im going to tell you how they work, and three tools they would use to see small things like cells and bacteria. Also a tool that will spot broken bones and more in the body. Then The last is Something that will clean some dirty water into clean water. The Three tools are a Microscope, X-ray, and a wash bottle. Let me tell you now.



First is the microscope. The microscope can spot out small stuff that is to small to spot with a human eye wouldn’t. Like bacteria and animals and plant cells on the human body. It uses a thick crystal lens to go in more. It can go up to 40x to 1000x. It will use sunlight to focus on the object.


Next is the x-ray. you all know that it will spot out broken bones, but it is also  used to spot out origins that don’t seem to be in shape. Like if Your wrist wasn’t work (moving) the x-ray would scan your body. The x-ray uses a digital screen to scan and send the picture to the computer.


Finally we have the wash bottle. What the wash bottle does is that it will clean out water that is dirty and make it clean water. It works by a hole at the bottom of the bottle that will push the water to the top. Then when thats done the dirt from that water and push it out. if the water is still dirty then it will push out some of the water. Thats my paper. Thanks for reading.

Week 27

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This week is awesome. The only bad part is that Mr Haney was only here for two days. I don’t what to tell why but, lets move on to what we did first. We did reading buddies and passed out some friday folders. Then we did some TCAP perp for TCAPS thats in 5 weeks. So wish me luck in 5 weeks.  Thats it. I hope you will comment n this blog. Bye now.

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